Eugenie Fiere Maison

Eugénie Fière Maison is a premium clothing brand, which original style might be described as luxury casual. The audience of Eugénie Fière consists of young women and ladies of various ages; and they are united not so by the age as by the attitude to themselves and fashion. The main for them is a clear awareness of self-respect and an aim to express themselves through the beautiful and at the same time comfortable clothes. That's why most of the models designed oversize, and some of the templates are from man's wardrobe. The goal of the brand is to create unique and wearable clothes, irreproachable at all aspects from style to each element. The status of the exclusive clothes is emphasized by the collection limited edition of Eugénie Fière, also each garmet might be personally fitted. If DNA of the brand is spoken about, the basis of Eugénie Fière aesthetics was shaped under the influence of such classical fashion designers as Saint Laurent and Céline, and more vanguard — Comme des Garçons and Maison Margiela. Undoubtedly there is no direct borrowing of the mode, however Eugénie Fière shares their approach to fashion: independent, smart and always authentic. _____________________________________________________ Бренд Eugénie Fière [Эжени Фьер] коллекция для уверенных в себе девушек, объединяющих в себе деловые качества и раскованность. Именно на таких девушек ориентирована продукция бренда. Особое внимание уделено принтам, присутствующим в каждом луке, и элементам декора. Каждый принт был разработан специально для коллекции TJC, – мегаполис и способы его общения с жителями.

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