«MegaFon» is a Russian-based mobile operator and one of the most recognizable brands in Russia. The company not only shows outstanding results in the provision of mobile and Internet services, but also pays great attention to their visual identity, providing an example for the whole market. Therefore, «MegaFon» could not simply move to a new office without making a great design case of it. 

We helped them by creating 10 unique illustrations for the interiors of the office, and each is the size of 1 humpback whale, or 2 indian elephants, or 9 domestic cows. 

Each illustration shows one of the biggest cities in Russia. So, we took a look at history and attractions of each of them, found their highlights, specific features and even local memes. Thus, each illustration has its one and only spirit and style.

CreativePeople Team
Aleksandr Medvinsky — Account Manager
Anastasia Lentishcheva — Project Manager
Vladimir Kulikov — Art Director 
Alexander Mikhaylov — Art Director 
Sergey Borisov — Art Director
Dmitry Zaviyalov — Art Director and Illustrator of Yekaterinburg
Anna Svarovskaya — Designer
Maxim Stekolshchikov — Motion Designer
Cyril Mikhailov — Letterer

MegaFon Team
Alexandra Potapova — Producer
Alyona Shebarova — Creative Director
Irina Kochkina — Art Director
Alexandra Sherbovich — Art Director
Olga Gnedaya — Designer

Ioana Sopov — Moscow
Ilya Kutovoy — Kaliningrad
Ksenia Bystrova — Novosibirsk
Ivan Orlov — Vladivostok
Andrew Lebedinsky — Sochi
Maria Zaikina — Saint-Petersburg
Anton Yermolov — Samara
Antonina Alexandrova — Nizhny Novgorod
Mikhail Priemyshev — Krasnodar

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